GFax Agency Program


The Gfax Agency Program is aimed at owners of high-traffic websites, ISPs, IT Companies, Consultants, and other organizations / businesses.

After joining the Gfax Agency Program, you will be required to promote and sign up users via your website or a secure web interface we will provide you with. Once a user has been registered, you can sit back and relax - we'll take care of everything from there. Gfax Agency Program


  • Submit a business plan to us.
  • If you are accepted we will require you to sign an agency agreement with us.
  • Generate a minimum of 1000 fax minutes per month within six months to retain your agency qualification.


  • Once you have accumulated more than 2500 fax minutes, we'll send you a payout based on the applicable.
  • Payouts are completed on the 15th of each month.


  • Earn passive income.
  • Your branding will be added to all of your clients' faxes after you reach 5000 fax minutes per month.
  • Environmentally friendly – No printing or ink required.